Tuesday, November 19, 2002

1) to get across (separable)

to make something understood / to communicate something in order to be understood clearly.

"Alan is really intelligent but sometimes he has problems getting his ideas across."
¡° I just can¡¯t get my ideas across to the new Manager..I don¡¯t know why but I just seem to get through to him. ¡°
¡° It¡¯s not easy to get across to him that he is so insensitive to his wife. ¡±

2) to get along (with) (inseparable) to have a friendly relationship (with); be friendly (toward).

"Why can't you and your sister ever get along? Everyone else gets along with her just fine!"
¡° We tried to get along with each other but we just weren¡¯t compatible¡¦so naturally we fell out ages ago ¡±.
¡° Please try to get along with your sister¡¯s friends¡¦they are very precious to her. ¡±

3) to get around (inseparable)

a) To avoid having to do something
b) To solve a difficult problem

"Tracy got around the required math classes by doing well on a math proficiency test."
¡° I got around the problem by networking with people in the industry who specialize in that field¡±.
¡° The only way to get around it is by jumping through fire¡±